Launch and Screening

Gros Problème

the May 24, 2024





On Friday 24 May, Glassbox Sud is organising an evening to celebrate the Gros Problème series directed by Pauline Ghersi. The 4 episodes will be screened, and the new edition of Glassbooks about this long-term project will be launched.

Pauline Ghersi's artistic practice combines TV series, films, video installations, sculptures and performances. She observes and interprets group dynamics structured by more or less underlying power relations, in precarious social conditions: flat-sharing, street life, minimum old age pension, or indebted artistic structures. These contexts allow her to imagine characters in a crisis of legitimacy, identity and masculinity, and to explore our tender and pathetic relationship with consumption.

Glassbooks is the publishing house of Glassbox. At the intersection of critical, philosophical and artistic fields, it is run by Clémence Agnez, a critic and teacher at the Beaux-Arts, and Alisson Haguenier, a freelance graphic designer and musician. Glassbooks now produces and edits the books presenting each Glassbox residency.

A project by Pauline GhersiWith Clémence Agnez, Ugo Ballara, Ece Powell, Benjamin Fraboulet, Pauline Ghersi, Michael Kalkoff, Guilhem Monceaux, Liv Schulman.

Chief operator (camera 1) : Jean Doroszczuk Chef Operator (camera 2): Pauline Ghersi Sound operator: François Geslin Director's assistant: Clara Lemercier Scriptwriter: Ece Powell Designer and stylist: Constance Colmaire Design assistant: Ece Powell Figuration: Lucciano Espeso, Christian Jamme, Noémi Lancelot, Frédérique Vivet Technical resources: Jean Doroszczuk, Glassbox, Synaps Collectif AudiovisuelImage editing: Anna Fonso, Pauline GhersiFoley editing: Vivien RocheSound editing and mixing: Vivien Roche Calibration: Hayika Maras Music: Ugo Ballara, Neniu Graphic design: Traduttore, traditore Translation: Guilhem Monceaux Production: Visage Productions

This project was supported by the Fondation des artistes.